Successful R5 practice for O’Brien on the Plains

This Weekend saw Dan trying out one of M Sports latest evolution of rally car, the Fiesta R5. Dan gave the car it’s national uk event debut.

The aim of the weekend was to get familiar with the car and assess the options available for the future.

Stage one went very well setting a top 10 time, stage 2 however seen Dan and Mark lose 4 minutes with. Throttle jammed open and spending time off the road trying to fix the issue. Stage 3 saw the car repeat the same problem, this time the crew didn’t stop and drove the stage on open throttle for the duration.

The team at MSL motorsport were able to help mute the problem in service which allowed the crew to carry on with the event and get valuable mileage on the welsh stages.

After dropping 4 minutes in stage 2 Dan and Mark finished 38th overall and 1st in class but without the problem the crew would be looking at a top 15 finish on their first event in the less powerful class of car.